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tv   News4 Today  NBC  June 26, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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with tom kierein. good morning, tom. >> great day for the pool, as will. we'll have sun with low humidity and we'll take this in late june. right now the bright sun climbing high in a blue sky. just wispy high clouds. mild morning, low humidity, but turning more humid on monday. so for your exercise forecast, we'll be in the upper 70s over the next hour. then low 80s by noontime. by 1:00, mid-80s. mid and upper 80s for the rest of the afternoon with lots of sunshine. very light wind. low humidity stays with us throughout the rest of the day into early this evening. a look at our next chance for storms coming up in just a few minutes. we're following where break ne news, a man dead after a shooting this southeast d.c. just after midnight on wahler place. when police arrived, they found a man hurt and he was rushed to hospital but died. no word yet on a suspect.
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and we're working to learn how four people are doing after a crash in fairfax county. police say one person was trapped inside their car on huntrace way. two cars were involved. it happened just before 3:00 this morning. in metro is having a drill and daerrick ward has more. >> reporter: we're on the silver line and fire crews are ready to take part in this drill. it is a smoke incident in the mile or so tunnel between here and tysons corner station, about a 45 degree bend in that tunnel, so that simulates the real world conditions that they may have to work under. and smoke incidents came take the fore aftr
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where a couple things found out. metro used to send revenue trains into people when reports of smoke. they since changed it. but also issues about the ventilation system. they're told that they were on full mode, maybe they should have been on another mode. not only is this end of it being checked out, but we have local elected officials here, as well, looking at metro's overall health. and we talked to one person who said that it's about also some of the administrative issues that metro still has. let's hear from congresswoman barbara comstock. >> too many in the back office, not enough on the front lines. we need nor police in the station. we've seen a rise in crime. so we have to look at what we actually need to be paying for versus a lot of the waste. >> reporter: the greensboro
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station will be closed. trains are moving through, but not stopping here. there are shuttles for folks who have to go to the station or leave from the station. they will get you around the closures. they expect that part of the system to be open around 2:00 this afternoon. derrick ward, news 4. back to you. later in the day, arlington county police will conduct an active shooter drill at fashion centre at pentagon city. the drill will begin at 7:00 p.m. inside the mall. it will last until midnight. during that time you'll see a lot of emergency vehicles in the park lot, but they will not be using their sirens. and we're learning new information about the victims in friday night's triple murder this district heights as police continue their investigation. darcy spencer spoke to neighbors who are still trying to understand what is happening in their community. >> just so devastating when it happens to someone that you knew was a great guy, that was so close to hit. it hit you in a bad spot. >> reporter: this man grieving the loss of his neighbor, all
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he kept a meticulous home and worked every day. >> a great humble guy. very down to earth. if he knows you, he'll do all he can for you. >> reporter: rowlett was among the five people shot at this home in orleans avenue in district heights. three died. carlina gray was also killed. she lived in the home with her boyfriend. he was walking the dog at the time. he and another person were shot and critically wounded. >> my sister was the friendliest person you'd ever meet. i just don't know how i'm going to go through every day without seeing her again. >> reporter: police say the shootings do not appear to be ran tomorrow, but they haven't released any information about the gunman or possible motive. >> having something tragic like this happen is heartbreaking. we need to stop the foolishness.
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>> i want whoever did it caught. >> so far no arrests have been made. this morning a d.c. cop remains in the hospital after he was stabbed at a grocery store. it happened at the giant on alabama avenue in southeast. that's where the officer was working a special detail when someone notified him about a suspected thief. the officer confronted the man who then pulled out a knife and stabbed him. we're told the officer was conscious on the way to the hospital. his attacker got away. and the driver who crashed in to a maryland state trooper on saturday morning could be facing charges. the accident shut down traffic on i-270 in gaithersburg just south of shady grove road exit. police say the female driver hit the trooper's cruiser while he was conducting a traffic stop. both are recovering in the hospital. the people in the car that was originally stopped were not seriously hurt.
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was a factor in the crash. three men are dead after their boat capsized in california. a witness says a large wave hit the boat and tossed it over off the catalina island coast. three men were rescued from the water, a fourth swam to shore. two of the men are in critical condition. the coast guard has suspended the search for a family off the gulf coast. ace kimberly and his three teens had been living in a sailboat for months. they left for ft. myers two weeks ago when they hit a storm. the bodies of kimberly and police daughter were recovered. the two teenage boys are still missing. today marks two weeks since a gay night club in others became the site of the worse mass shooting in u.s. history. we're learning the city of orlando will establish a permanent memorial for the 49 people who lost their lives at pulse night club.
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mayor dyer did not announce a specific time line or location yet. the city will collect and preserve mementos that people left at various memorials and incorporate them in some way. and enjoy the sun today because it won't last much longer. tom is tracking how soon storms could impact your monday plans. and geese can be a nuance while you visit the park. the unconventional approach one county is taking.
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this was the scene inside a cincinnati police interrogation room last week. that's the murder suspect reaching for the officer's gun before he's quickly taken down. after a struggle, other officers, they rushed into help. at one pot
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to the officers kill me. they were able to subdue the guy without anyone getting hurt. the man was charged with killing a teenager. now he's also facing assault charges. montgomery county is using an unconventional approach to solve its geese problem. the county will euthanize 150 geese from two parks and the bird will be processed and the meat donated to the maryland food bank. the county says geese feces is a big problem and can cause unsanitary conditions on lawn areas. it's an exhibit never seen before and it's coming to one of the smithsonian museums on the national mall. in october the sackler gallery will have an exhibit that represents a broad range of countries and eras. there are believed to be some as old as the early 8th and 7th centuries.
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what to wear, you can put away the umbrella, you will be comfortable in sleeveless, shorts and flip-flops. have your sunglasses and the hat if you will be outdoors for a lefrng of time. especially if you're going to the quicken loans pga golf tournament. low humidity and light wind. highs reaching the upper 80s. a look at your fourth of july weekend forecast coming in a few minutes. developing this morning, iraqi forces say they have liberated the city of fallujah from isis. the military operation to win back the city took a month. fallujah had been under the control of islamic state him tants since 2014. former army special operations member josh collins is paddle boarding as you see him there from corpus christi, texas to new york city.
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after a dramatic trep up the potomac. he says the money will grow to the task force dagger foundation which helps vets battling ptsd. helped him and others find peace after war and helped get him off a cocktail of prescription drugs. >> my plan is to raise $22 million which will free throw about 7500 special operations soldiers and bring treatment modalities that will work. >> he hopes to make it to new york city by end of july. today a unique honor for a tall unpolifallen police office taking place. s if the tin cannon brewing company is unveiling a new ale in honor of ashley guindon. you'll recall she was killed her first day on the job as she responded to a domestic disturbance. the ale is debuting at an event to raise money for injured police officers and that event is called for those who wear the ble
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it's going on from 2:00 to 6:00 at the brewery on limestone drive in gainesville. we'll put the ticket information in our nbc washington app. a lot of kids dream of growing up to be a police officer or a firefighter. we want to introduce you to a boy who had a chance to experience it firsthand. >> he's just 11 years old, but for a day everyone at the arlington police department called him chief. so we sent our top crime reporter pat collins to dig a little deeper into this top cop. >> reporter: be honest. wouldn't you like to be police chief if just for one day? hit the lights. crank up the sirens. follow that car! nat sworn in as police chief for a day.
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he got an official eagle chief's pen and an official police patch. but it didn't stop there. inform at got to ride in an official police car, lights and sirens. >> it was cool, once in a lifetime experience. >> reporter: he got to process a mock crime scene and take fingerprints. sit at the chief's desk and take a phone call. and take a close-up look at the police k-9 unit. well, not too close. and then he got to take some questions as chief for the day. what's the most important crime problem we have to face today? >> i think the most important crime problem would be robberies, bank robberies. because they're taking money that belongs to other people and that's not okay. >> reporter: what should people do to stay safe? >> i think they should be careful where they go, make sure they t
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neighborhood. >> reporter: and how should kids stay out of trouble? >> don't fall into the wrong crowd. there are some like kids that are not -- like bad kids at school and they will make you do the wrong things. >> reporter: nat is a fifth grader at carlin springs elementary school. he was named chief of the day because of this winning poster showing cops spoiling a bank robbery and consoling people nearby. nat is a straight a student and when he grows up, he wants to be -- well, he wants to be a cop. and maybe some day chief for more than just a day. in arlington, pat collins, news 4. >> such a cutie. >> i thought it was so cute when he covered up the real chief's name. i'm going to be here. >> and he probably will. >> give him a few years. >> i love this weather
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>> how long will it stick around? no humidity, right? >> if this is a dream, don't wake me up. absolutely gorgeous. it will be with us the rest of the day. gorgeous blue sky. just a few high clouds drifting over us as we take a look at the view from our tower camera overlooking northwest washington in the foreground, montgomery county and frederick county off the horizon. hour by hour forecast, temperatures by 10:00 upper 70s. by 2:00, the mid-80s. we'll stay in the mid-80s between 2:00 and 6:00 p.m. and then back down to the mid-70s late this evening. so a gorgeous day with a light breeze. temperatures climbing in to the comfort zone from near 70 in the shenandoah valley, mid-70s metro area. low to mid-70s near the chesapeake bay. radar not showing any rain anywhere in the vicinity from the mountains all the way for the bay and beaches. a gorgeous sunday d
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will notice humidity increasing waiting for the bus and metro in the morning. we'll be in the low 70s. but dry just partly sunny, it's when you're heading back home you may need the umbrella and the roads may be getting wet for late afternoon commute tomorrow in the mid-80s before then. storms are likely late afternoon into the evening. and there is a slight risk some of those storms could be severe with damaging winds and hail. storm team 4 four day forecast, a smaller chance of storms around on tuesday, but still humid. a little hotter up near 90 on tuesday afternoon. then low humidity returns on wednesday, afternoon highs the low 80s and partly cloudy. and still pleasant on thursday and friday, just a little more humid, partly cloudy each day with highs mid-80s. but as we start the fourth of july weekend, some natural fireworks, maybe storms around with flashes of lightning and heavy down pours on saturday. here is the extended outlook no next sunday. partly sunny and into the mid-80s. and for the fourth of july, that following
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low to mid-80s and partly cloudy. so great weather for all the fireworks displays and parades and events tw going on over the fourth of july weekend sunday and monday. saturday, some storms. and tuesday and wednesday, too. storm team 4 will be on it. and just about everyone has an opinion on how to mix metro. the new contest with a catch on your ideas could be put into action. i'm mark murray. it's the summer of an election year which means that you will hear about one word, veepstakes. >> both hillary clinton and touchdown are narrowing down their picks for vice president of the united states. it's a process that involves a lot of scrutiny of potential candidates by the campaigns including a deep look at their personal and financial backgrounds. >> so the democraticside, virginia senator tim kaine is seen as a frontrunner for the job.
9:22 am
l >> and on the republican side, donald trump said to be looking for somebody with a lot of governing experience. could be someone like into corker or chris christie. but as always, with donald trump, it cod endul u
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talk about
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a 7-month old black bear cub escaped her enclosure at the columbus zoo yesterday. the zoo was placed on lockdown, but crews quickly found the bear, sedated it and took to an animal hospital. t zoo reopened, but the bear exhibit remained closed for the day. if you saw people dressed up as cats yesterday, they were probably headed to the internet cat video festival. the efrvent celebrates all the crazy cat videos you see on youtube, social media, even on ellen. feline fanatics gathered to watch an 80 minute collection of those clips. changing gears now, a long time fashion photographer for the "new york times" has died. bill cunningham was 87 years old. he died yesterday, he recently had been hospitalized after suffering a stroke. cunningham began publishing a regular series of photographs in the "times" in 1978. hs
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without outside help in six months or less and cost less than $100,000. and not cost much to continue in the future. we'll place a link with the contest rules inside our nbc washington app. >> just a couple of catches there. >> yeah, got to read the rules carefully. one more chance for you to enjoy the 24th annual giant
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battle. my mouth is watering. >> i love barbecue. it kick off at 11:00 this morning and it's one of the biggest food festivals in the country as barbecue champs and celeb brerity chiefs com eat. you won't get to taste their creation, but plenty of food for sale. some of the proceeds go to the local uso. and if you need to mow the lawn, you're in the clear. tom will have a look at the forecast and how humidity may become an issue. and developing right now, devastate in west virginia. the damage as neighbors start cleaning up from the flooding. presidential candidates weigh in on britain voting to leave the european union. how each are trying
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time is 9:30. here are the top stories we're following for you. a man is dead after a shooting in southeast. it happened just after midnight on wahler place. the victim died at the hospital. still no suspect in friday night's triple murder in district heights. neighbors say the home belonged to 60-year-old allen rowlett. rowlett and two other women died in the shooting. two others were injured. police say the shootings do not appear to be random. right now the greensboro metro station is
9:31 am
emergency drill. emergency personnel are practicing evacuation procedures in the tunnel. we have plenty of sun out there. just look a that image. you have all day to enjoy. good morning, i'm hknomolette g. >> and i'm meagan fitzgerald. let's check in with tom kierein. good morning, i guess thank you. >> you're welcome. thank you very much. i'm here on the storm team 4 weather deck in northwest washington. and friendship heights and tenleytown area, i'm just being told that i will have to come back in. it is a gorgeous day under way. when you're out and about, you can check the latest weather where you are with the storm team 4 nbc washington app. there is the capital camera, 234r5g flags flapping in a gentle breeze. walking, bike, hiking forecast for this sunday,
9:32 am
tonight time temperatures low 80s, lohumidity for the rest of the afternoon. by 3:00, should be touching upper 80s. lights breeze by 6:00 p.m. so a delightful day coming up. no rain today. a look at our next chance for rain and storms, that is coming up this half hour. >> tom, thank you so much. switching gears, completely different situation as homeowners in some of the flood ravaged towns in west virginia get to see what is left of their homes. they got to see that on saturday. mud covered pretty much everything. most people lost everything in the floods. massive storms that hit the area dumped 10 inches of rain in just 24 hours. the counties were declared federal disaster area. president obama okayed federal aid for them. even with the help, one homeowner says she's still not sure what her next steps will be. >> and we'll work together as a team and try to work something out.
9:33 am
you know, the unknown is scarier than the known. >> 44 of the 55 counties in the state remain under a state of emergency. and the european union is demanding the uk to cut ties quickly after britain voted to he said iend its 43 year member. officials say a quick exit will limit the issues. it's still not clear when britain will actually notify the eu of its intention to leave. current prime minister david cameron announced he would resign after the public vote in favor of the so-called brexit. and when the brexit vote unfolded, presidential candidate donald trump was in scotland speaking on the vote to leave the eu. he says the vote is in line with some of his own campaign themes. katy tur has more from scotland. >> reporter: the world in financial turmoil and th
9:34 am
in scotland descending from a trump helicopter landing on trump links. and leading reporters on a slow speed chase only trump could orchestrate. >> never been a backdrop like this. >> reporter: surreal setting for a bizarre news conference in which the global chaos unfolding around him was again only secondary to his brand. yesterday you told me that you were going to talk to your foreign policy advisers. have you talked to them yet? >> i speak to foreign policy advisers all the time, but the advice has to come from me. so take a look at what the current policy advisers, foreign policy advisers have done for our country. it's an embarrassment. the whole world is blowing up. these people don't have it. honestly, most of them are no good. let's go to the 14th. >> reporter: at home americans are already feeling the brexit aftershocks. retirement accounts taking an immediate hit. but trump was dismissive shrugging off concerns on the 10th, 13th, 14th and 18th holes.
9:35 am
>> americans are very much different. this shouldn't affect them. the united states has real, real problems and a brexit is not their problem. i would deal with it very well, believe me, but i'm not president right now. >> markets are down and people are really worried. >> and my timing is great because i was here right at the epicenter of the crisis. >> reporter: vindicated by uk voters who were persuaded by appeals for nationalism and fears of immigration, trump is taking it as a sign his strategy is working. one with few details. but one hillary clinton's team is taking seriously sending out a fund raising e-mail titled we conditions make the same mistake. donald trump has a real chance of winning this election. donald trump leaving scotland and back on the campaign trail next week. katy tur, nbc news, scotland. and this morning on "meet the press," virginia senator tim kaine will be on the show in an exclusive interview, he will discuss the 2016 campaign and
9:36 am
possible vice presidential candidate. and one of the most prominent conservatives in the country is leaving the party. george will wants others to refuse to support trump. will is a "washington post" columnist. he says he will change his voter registration to unaffiliated. another historic event took lays last week. for more than 24 hour, civil rights icon and georgia congressman general lewis staged a revolt in the house of representatives over gun polling city reform, a deeply symbolic moment came as they sang "we small overcome." this morning eleanor holmes norton spoke. >> that you cane
9:37 am
of this moment when you can link them to the kinds of battles we fought then. >> the sit-in came after several gun proposed bills failed to pass. three prisoners are on the lose in south carolina. these men escaped by pushing out a window at the dorchester county jail in st. george friday morning and then they used a blanket to get over barbed wire. police believe the inmates stole a car which they later crashed in the woods. police say the men fled into a nearby swamp with rough terrain. wildfires tiffin to threat continue to threaten home this is california. the danger while befores battle the flames. and a lot of us have coundo this, googling your symptoms.
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right now authorities are saying they may have found human remains within a central california wildfire. the blaze already claimed two lives and destroyed 150 homes. folks who have been evacuated want answers about when they can return. >> she supposedly did not leave and nobody knows where she is. her daughter said if you can get in, break the win at the dodow see if she's in there. >> the fire burned nearly 56 square miles. at least 2500 homes remain threatened. governor jerry brown declared a state of emergency. multibillion-dollar expansion of the panama canal is set to open today. canal authorities have been carrying out tests with some smaller ships in the lead up to the first full passage. the $5.25 billion expansion will allow larger ships to pass between the atlantic and pacific oceans, increasing
9:41 am
global shipping costs by an estimated $8 billion a year. and the sun is out and we're in for another warm day. tom is updating his forecast with the perfect time to hop in the pool. and she is bethesda's golden girl and world record setter. the new challenge today for katie ledecky.
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snicunshine, in the mid-70s. a great day for a bike ride. should be hitting the upper 80s for two or three hours between 3:00 and 6:00. low humidity, lots of sunshine. and a very light wind. and a look at our next chance for storms, some could be severe, that is coming up with the forecast this just a few minutes. we all do it, searching symptoms up on the internet. hoping for some answers about what sickness or pain, what it all means. >> and you can say it's become part of the medicine in you're own digital age. but the problem is when you do that, sometimes you wind up confusing yourself. so anne thompson reporting on google's solution.
9:45 am
number in the trillions each year. one out of 20 is about health. >> i had something on my finger once and first thing that popped up, it was saying that i had skin cancer and i started freaking out. >> reporter: typically it gives you sites like web md among others. now google launched a new feature to pinpoint a potential problem when you search symptoms. >> we connect you to the most common conditions that might be related. >> reporter: in language that doesn't require a medical degree. say you type in tummy ache. >> you'll see this has information on general symptoms that both tie it back to a concept like abdominal pain as well as tell you information about how to treat it yourself and when to seek medical help. >> so it says self treatment here. aren't you diagnosing the problem? >> not at all. we talk about things that you can take such as anti-gas medication. >> reporter: it partnered with harvard medical school and mayo
9:46 am
clinic, but this is not goggle trying to be a digital doctor. >> we're not replacing health care visit, we're just trying to help the consumers know when is the time now i can take care of this on my own, or i need to really go in and see a doctor. >> reporter: the food and drug administration regulates some online information. and says it recommends patients talk with their health care providers if they have questions about using a mobile health or wellness app. tech expert patrick welch says an internet search saved his life last november. >> i realized, something is not right. >> reporter: sweating with chest pains, he googled heart attack symptoms and clicked on the mayo site. >> just a few symptoms in, i figured i was in big trouble. >> reporter: his family called 911, welch had a massive heart attack. lucky to survive, welch today is 30 pounds lighter and watching what he eats. he says this new feature will make things even easier. giving better information that
9:47 am
anne thompson, nbc new, new york. the process to select the olympic swim team is under way in omaha. more than 800 swimmers are there to compete against each other and earn a spot on the squad that will compete this in rio in august. the top two finishers in all 26 events will make the u.s. olympic team. one of the contenders is bethesda's own katie ledecky. >> its a's all about having fun. items sport. shouldn't be any different than a 6-year-old trying to swim. just as fun as it was then. >> katie ledecky rose to fame in the 2012 games and has become the world record holder this three different races. >> definitely cheering her on. well, members of the gay men's choir of washington are becoming roving
9:48 am
love and tolerance. >> and using their music to ease discrimination. first in cuba, now ukraine. wendy rieger has more. ♪ >> reporter: it was a festival of american culture in ukraine. but these men were doing more than singing. they were opening hearts and minds. the gay men's chorus of washington was invited to ukraine this spring by the state department. ukraine has not always been kind to gay people, many report being attacked. >> right away we said this is something we need to do. >> reporter: the chorus sent their ensemble to perform and because of the danger, these gay men were briefed by the state department before they embarked. >> we had to be aware of how we were conducting ourselves. >> in some cases particularly in smaller towns it could be potentially dangerous to walk down the streets holding your lover's hand. >> it made me feel like you're back in these
9:49 am
>> reporter: but this chorus knows it is a voice for those who cannot be heard. last year it went to cuba, a country that has oppressed its gay population for decades. and they were heard. now it was time to sing to ukraine. ♪ over the rainbow >> it wasn't until we were introduced on stage that we told the audience this is the gay men's chorus of washington and you could hear a pin drop and they sang their first song and as soon as they finished, the audience went nuts -- in a good way. >> they were connecting with us and i think that's what we were brought there to do. >> reporter: they also met with lgbt activists who put their lives in danger just so they can live out loud. >> whether they realize it or not, they're such pioneers. >> reporter: the experience, the excitement, the danger. it prompted nightly gatherings just to exhale.
9:50 am
sat down at the end of the night and just how are we feeling. >> reporter: they came wondering if they would be booed, but instead everywhere they sang they got a warm response. ♪ true colors are shining through ♪ >> reporter: fear grows in the dark. the gay men's chorus of washington using music and their humanity to create light. ♪ don't be afraid to let them show, your true colors, true colors are beautiful like a rainbow ♪ >> beautiful story. that was wendy rieger reporting. and beautiful weather. >> gorgeous day under way about that bright sunshine, low humidity. live view from the tower camera looking off to the west, we have just a few high clouds drifting over the region. and temperatures are hovering now mid and upper 70s. by noontime, low 80s. hiding
9:51 am
part of the afternoon. this evening partly cloudy, still mild, still comfortable with the low humidity in the mid-70s by 10:00 this evening. temperatures right now are dliming in to the mid and upper 70s, reagan national at 75 glees. don't have any storms anywhere, no rain on the storm team 4 radar. mountains all the way to the atlantic beaches. a wonderful june day. tomorrow morning you'll notice the humidity. it will be in the low 70s. partly sunny. heading back home, you'll likely need an umbrella. driving maybe through storms on your late afternoon commute. may not be coming until after 5:00 p.m. and on thus, smauesday, smaller of any storms. still humid. wednesday, thursday, friday pleasant. saturday some storms around. next sunday, mid-80s. and on the fourth
9:52 am
extended outlook partly cloudy and in the mid-80s. so some terrific weather for next weekend for the fourth of july. overcoming adversity. and celebrating success. how one
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woman: i have a masurprise for you.are you? man: you have a surprise for me? narrator: at dominion, 1 in 5 new hires is a veteran. and when they're away, they miss out on a lot. but they won't miss out on financial support. because we cover any difference between their military pay
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and their families. why do we do it? because our vets sacrifice enough. "dominion. depend on us for more than energy." ♪ stand by me. the district's largest and often controversial homeless shelter is a tough place
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especially for young people. and this next story is truly incredible. it's about a homeless child who is now graduating from high school at the top of her class and she's only 16 years old. mark segraves tells us what is next for a remarkable teenager appropriately named destiny. >> reporter: in many ways destiny tyree is like most kids her age. she likes to laugh and she even gets in to trouble sometimes. >> i give my mom a headache. i'm still a teen. >> reporter: but she's far from your typical teenager. destiny is just 16. she won't turn 17 until her first day of college. she graduated two years early by taking summer classes and more. >> she had online classes and she did saturday school. >> reporter: and she did all that while holding down a job. >> a lot of studying. i had fun still. >> reporter: and destiny didn't just graduate. she graduated with a 4.0 grade point.
9:56 am
>> at graduation she received the leadership award and the principal's award for academics. >> reporter: if that's not enough to impress, destiny was also prom queen. she says she got a lot of support from her mother and her principal at roosevelt stay loose high school, but her real motivation came from here, the d.c. general homeless shelter where she lives with her mom and her younger sister. >> that was my motivation. i don't want to live in a shelter when i get older. i want to make better of my life. >> reporter: she's still nervous about college. >> i'm scared a little, but it's life. you find journeys and all that. i'm scared, i'm excited. >> reporter: while destiny received a scholarship to potomac state, she said she's still working to save money for expenses the scholarship doesn't cover. search college if you want to help.
9:57 am
mark segraves, news 4. the sun is out and the day is only getting better from here. enjoy it while you can. tom is tracking a big change in the next 48 hours. >> reporter: metro creates a smoke disaster on the silver line to test their procedures. we'll have details coming up. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet. which means in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee,
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a plan shman shot to death. what investigators are revealing about violence in the district. i don't know how i'm going to go through every day without seeing her again. a community looking for answers in a triple murder while family and neighbors remember those they lost. staying prepared. how first responders are training for emergencies to make sure you are safe on metro. good morning. 10:00. it's sunny, warm, just per if he can perct on this sunday. we're in store for a beautiful day. let's check in with tom kierein tracking when we'll see temps in the 80s. >> it's already climbing near 80 degrees much of the region. it is a serene sunday morning. we have the sunshine pouring down. we have the low humidity in place. and there is the close-up view of the capital wheel at national harbor.


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